Let's put our heads together



    Let's put our heads together



      We are reimagining TA. It's a TEaM approach - Talent Engagement and Mobility

      By partnering with TQ, you get access to specialist capabilities ‘on-demand’ avoiding uncertainty and personal stress without the usual, high cost consulting fees.


      What We Do


      Current state diagnostics and future state planning. vendor neutral, model agnostic advisory services

      TQ people immerse themselves in your organisation to fully understand your talent acquisition, engagement and mobility (TEaM) needs. We consult and advise you on all relevant aspects of your TEaM strategy, operating model and user experience.  Our experts can provide you with the insight and advice you need to elevate your approach and performance.


      On-demand access to the full suite of specialist Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Mobility capabilities

      TQ is uniquely flexible. Our experienced team can be deployed immediately to work seamlessly with your organisation, adding capacity or capability to talent acquisition, engagement and mobility needs. A mix of on-site and remote presence provides a flexible solution that can be scaled to fit your objectives.


      Integrated Talent Engagement and Mobility Solutions turning ideas into innovative action

      The essence of the TQ business is our ability to ‘make stuff happen’ and effectively turn ideas into innovative action for our clients, whatever their context. In addition to Consulting (Advise) and Augmentation Services (Deploy) we also provide targeted Solutions and Programs.

      Let’s work together

      Find out how we can help you reimagine your approach to joiners, movers and leavers.


      Delivering expertise and experience into the hands of our community

      Inform is where we share articles, case studies, interviews, white papers, events, thought leadership pieces and more – all geared to cutting through the noise with the informed perspective you need to make smart decisions and keep yourself ahead of the curve.

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      Talent Engagement & Mobility (TEaM)

      Gareth Flynn talks to TaPod about Hiring Manager Experience (HMX).

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      Gareth Flynn talks to TaPod about Hiring Manager Experience (HMX). Having posted an article that sparked some excitement last week (10th March 2021), Gareth now...

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      Talent Engagement & Mobility (TEaM)

      Let’s Get Serious About Hiring Manager Experience

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      The Consulting team at TQSolutions have been incredibly active in 2021 helping businesses, large and small, rethink their Talent function’s service and operating models. For...

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      Leadership Thoughts

      Leadership Reflections & Learnings 2020

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      Lose the crystal ball and reflect on what was TQSolutions, like most businesses, has had a tumultuous 2020. However, it’s now December and we are...

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      Graduate Recruitment

      Launch of Future Talent Hub

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      It’s here! We’re delighted to kick off our new, graduate-specific podcast series – Future Talent Hub In this first episode, Sara Payne from TQSolutions and Rohan Holland from...

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      Talent Acquisition

      TQ is a guest on the The Recruiting Future Podcast.

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      Matt’s notes on the contents: “A crisis is always a catalyst for change, and the events of 2020 have the potential to drive some of...

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      Maturity Model

      Talent Function Strategy for a Multi-Speed Economy

      580 375 Will Innes

      It’s been four months since our world changed forever, and whilst many organisations are still grappling with the immediacy of the crisis, others are starting...

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