Let's put our heads together



    Let's put our heads together



      Workforce Restructuring

      Experienced and independent support.  From small business to large enterprise customers, our robust approach can be deployed quickly.

      Where we can help

      If your organisation needs to undertake a Team Selection Process or Restructure, having a third party provider to manage the process is well worth considering. Often the process can be emotionally charged, time-sensitive and time-consuming plus it can be difficult to manage industrial relations requirements whilst achieving optimal team and performance outcomes.

      How we can help

      Designing a successful restructuring process requires detailed planning to ensure you comply with all relevant legislative, industrial and contractual requirements, along with implementing measures to avoid reputational risk to your brand value or stakeholder relations.

      TQ provides a robust and independent process. Managed by experienced TA and HR Leaders. We can remain impartial whilst delivering a streamlined process which balances empathy and pragmatism with consistency and efficiency.

      Our process can be delivered virtually or, travel and safety conditions permitting, in-person.  Our services can be provided as an end-to-end solution or unbundled to support your in-house team with discrete pieces – we stay flexible to provide value and expertise where you need it most.

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