Let's put our heads together



    Let's put our heads together




      Integrated Talent Engagement and Mobility Solutions that help businesses navigate their fluid environments as effectively as possible.

      The essence of TQ is our ability to ‘make stuff happen’ and effectively turn ideas into innovative action for our clients, whatever their context.

      In addition to Consulting (Advise) and Augmentation Services (Deploy) we also provide integrated Solutions and Managed Services aimed at supporting organisations with their Talent Engagement and Mobility needs.

      Blending TQ’s core skills with the expertise of select vendors (whilst maintaining our steadfast approach to neutrality), we have developed a series of powerful managed services. Organisations can either un-bundle these services to fit a specific need or engage us to deliver an integrated body of work – the level of scale and flexibility is unrivalled.


      Managed Direct Sourcing – Contingent

      Turnkey, flexible, outsourced solution, using the experience and quality of TQ in conjunction with LiveHire and CXC, to build your candidate pipeline ahead of time, complete hires, and payroll quality contractor talent on demand.

      Workforce Restructuring Services

      Experienced, independent support for Workforce Assessment and Restructuring.  From small business to large enterprise customers, our robust approach can be deployed quickly.

      Workforce Visibility & Mobility

      Virtual managed service to help you build business resilience; automating the matching of skills to workforce demands, at scale.

      Connect & Engage – Advise

      Leveraging your EVP (or designing it from scratch) to connect with internal and external talent groups. We Listen, Design and Deploy change and communication solutions.

      Connect & Engage – Managed Programs

      Managed services to deliver content and experiences to workforce segments. Programs include Stood Down Workers, Hiring Leader Experience, Internal mobility, Well-being and more.

      Let's fix the business of talent acquisition