Let's put our heads together



    Let's put our heads together



      Managed Direct Sourcing.

      In partnership with Livehire and CXC, TQ provides an outsourced, Managed Direct Sourcing solution – you can get all the advantages of direct hiring faster without the risk or headache of doing it yourself.

      Hire faster, sooner

      Mainly for its considerable cost saving potential, Direct Sourcing is soon to be considered best practice in contingent staffing programs. But building a successful program in-house can be both time consuming and challenging to get the results and impact you need.

      Our flexible solution means you could scale your own Managed Direct Sourcing program to achieve 90%+ fulfilment, quickly.

      How it works

      Your own Employer Brand is used to attract talent ahead of time, to a dedicated Talent Cloud within Livehire. This managed service from TQ will accelerate the growth and nurture of your private Cloud – new requisitions will be directed here first (instead of staffing agencies), not only reducing costs, but also improving diversity, hiring velocity and overall experience.

      We can also streamline these hires through central onboarding and payroll (and be the employer of record), managed by contingent payroll and workforce management company, CXC.

      No need to change existing suppliers or MSP relationships, our solution is simply integrated as a new supplier in your existing program.

      No upfront costs, no ongoing licence fees. You pay a fixed contractor salary mark-up (bill rate) at the end of each month which is significantly lower (typically 5-7% lower) than your staffing agency and payroll rates combined.

      Get in touch

      Get in touch for a FREE 45-minute consultation to see how much Direct Sourcing can improve your Contingent Program.

      Features and Benefits
      Zero capital investment

      Cost saving on every new hire

      No change management

      Improve candidate experience & quality-of-hire

      Improve demand planning & market insights

      Risk reduction from in-house program

      Let's fix the business of talent acquisition