Postscript to The Recruitment Agency Value Paradox

‘The Recruitment Agency Value Paradox’ blog infuriated many of my Recruitment and Search Agency friends and peers, but it and resonated with many Talent Acquisition, HR and Corporate Leaders. The primary message of the blog … Continued

When I grow up I want to be an astronaut

Dad, what do you think I should do for work when I grow up? What should I study at school? My kids are both young teenagers and have just started to think about what they … Continued

Corporate Recruitment 2020 Maturity Model

It’s my last day in San Francisco tomorrow before I fly back to Australia and I thought I would share the output of a project I have been proud to be involved in – the … Continued

The Recruitment Agency Value Paradox

  The rise of well intentioned, designed, financed and mandated in-house, outsourced and Hybrid TA functions in recent years has fundamentally changed Talent Acquisition and the role of Recruitment Agencies. Historically, Recruitment and Search Agencies … Continued

Automation vs. The Human Touch

VA185 – Melbourne to Nadi I am currently flying at 35,000ft above the Pacific Ocean heading to Fiji, reflecting on the year that has been 2016 and looking forward to 2017 and what it has … Continued

Is it time for Co-opetition between organisations?

Sharing Economy There has been a lot of talk about Collaborative Consumption models and the Sharing Economy, particularly about their disruptive impact on traditional business and markets, so I thought I would review this topic … Continued

Let’s Make 2017 the Year of Meaningful Metrics & Analytics

Enlightenment – Reflections on a Client Conversation One of my clients recently kicked off an internal meeting with some of its Senior Managers with the following question: ‘How much would you be willing to pay … Continued

Is the Industry made of the right stuff?

Back to School In October, I am participating in a short course for Managers on Data Science & Analytics at Monash University. I have chosen to take part in this course to upskill my knowledge … Continued

Key Moments of Change

Our industry is transforming…momentum is building…its unstoppable…this is a key moment of change…are we prepared to slaughter some of our most sacred cows? Some reflection. Counting beans … or finding bean counters?  Way back in 1994 … Continued