Let's put our heads together



    Let's put our heads together




      We provide immediate, on-demand access to the full suite of specialist Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Mobility capabilities, helping you flex and scale to your hiring needs.

      Dial us up and down as you need. Then simply switch us off.

      Investing in an augmentation partnership that leverages unbundled TA and HR services to support complex and specialist talent needs like sourcing, research, technology and employer branding not only makes good commercial sense, but it allows you as the client to immediately inject capability into your function.

      The range of Talent Acquisition and HR specialisations we provide ensures that you get the operational support you need to deliver specific programs of work. Examples of where TQ can help:

      TEaM Augmentation

      End to end hiring skills such as sourcing, research, mapping, screening, assessing and onboarding support. Recent projects have covered multiple sectors and types of recruitment, from Executive Search for SME’s right through to the ASX200, or specialist technology and digital hiring at Reece, Nearmap and Sportsbet.

      HR services can range from supporting SMEs with generalist support such as compliance and worker wellbeing, through to enterprise change management or mobility programs for companies like APM and Wolveridge.

      Technology & Innovation Augmentation

      True ROI and performance uplift from technology is only achieved through rigorous implementation and optimisation (and potentially change management). When organisations don’t have the capacity or capability, they can rely on TQ experts to manage the process in part or as a whole. We’ve recently run the implementation of Enboarder at Gilead and supported the tech stack implementation to reinvent volume hiring at one of Australia’s larget retailers.

      Employer Brand & Experience Augmentation

      Not all organisations can justify hiring a senior Employer Brand Lead or dedicated resources, to activate their recruitment marketing strategy.  TQ offers an immediate an integrated extension of your internal TA function while providing deep domain expertise in the Employer Brand and Recruitment marketing space. Recent examples include operationalising key EVP tactics for Toll Group on a part time basis over a 6 month period – providing hiring manager training and developing a LinkedIn strategy. For Rio Tinto we provided an Employer Brand Consultant to support the launch of a local EVP, aligning into a global Framework.


      How we deliver

      Our operating model is scalable, meaning we cater for businesses of all sizes, from small / medium-sized enterprises, to multinational corporations.

      For our on-demand services there are no fixed costs, no ‘minimum’ terms and no lock in contracts – just our experts,  when you need them. TQ operates under a ‘fee for service’ model; you are only charged for consulting hours used during the course of a project.

      We also operate a powerful ‘Build. Operate. Transition’ model which closes the decision gap between building in-house capabilities and full outsourcing. Instead, we help organisations to build capability then have the option of transitioning the model back in-house. This might be building a strategic sourcing function or a managed direct sourcing solution for contingent hiring. This is outsourcing on your own terms. 

      Products and Services

      Supporting business by injecting capacity and specialist capability when it matters; Recruitment, HR and Employer Brand.

      On-Demand Recruitment & HR Experts

      Executive Search, Research & Mapping Services

      Tech & Digital Sourcing

      Project RPO & Strategic Augmentation

      Graduate & Intern Hiring Programs

      Volume & Campaign Hiring

      Employer Brand Campaigns & Activation

      HR Technology Implementation & Change

      Talent Pipeline Management

      Contingent Hiring Programs

      Managed Direct Sourcing Programs

      HR Services

      Recent Projects
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      Let's fix the business of talent acquisition