Let's put our heads together



Let's put our heads together



Connect & Engage - Managed Programs

In partnership with The Career Conversation, we deliver Managed Service Programs that deliver content and experiences to key workforce segments

Where we can help

With workforce requirements becoming so fluid, and legacy support systems creaking under the pressure, organisations are looking for smarter ways to connect and engage with their people, internally and externally. We can provide Connect&Engage solutions that match the fluidity of  your workforce needs. This managed service offering is a partnership between The Career Conversation and TQ,

About The Career Conversation

We target defined groups with  CONTENT + COMMUNICATIONS + COACHING via a smart delivery platform.  This integrated digital and Human-centric approach develops the right mindset, skills and behaviours. At scale.

About TQ

Australia’s leading Talent Consulting and Workforce solutions. We support organisations to reimagine their approaches to Talent Engagement and Mobility.

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