Why us

thinking of new, better and more cost-effective ways of doing business.

A hiring and people services company that you’ll love doing business with?

Actually, yes.

We’re here to totally change the way you think about who to partner with for your hiring and people services.

The old way of talking at you, not with you, while charging a fortune, just doesn’t cut it any more. You need a partner that responds quickly, gives you greater control, more flexibility and makes it easy, all while saving you money. That’s where we come in.

Your success is our success

95% of our clients come to us via referral. People like doing business with us because we focus on the shared success of our clients in an open and transparent way.

So if you want a fresh approach to your hiring and people services get in touch.

Our services

All elements of our business have been structured to provide clients with a cost effective and flexible engagement framework. This means ‘On-Demand’ access to specialist capability at costs commensurate with directly engaging a ‘fully loaded’ employee. We believe this model offers optimum talent outcomes, return on investment and employee productivity.

Why on-demand?

TQSolutions is a unique provider of ‘On-demand’ HR/Resourcing Services in Australia. All aspects of our business have been built to avoid the introduction of fixed costs allowing us to offer genuine ‘On-demand’ outsourced services at attractive commercial rate.

On-demand Services

Virtual office network (VIC, NSW, WA, QLD)

Cloud technology supports and controls all activity
(unless using our client’s technology)

National consultant delivery network
(with options for on-site or off-site deployment)

Why the time is right for ‘On-demand’ HR/Resourcing Services?

The evolving market and competitive landscape require organisations to reduce their fixed costs and engage expertise only when required. That’s why TQSolutions offers flexible business operations.

Employment Trends

Employers are increasingly looking for alternative solutions to ‘the introduction of headcount’

New IT solutions

Advances in technology are allowing businesses/individuals to remotely, and seamlessly, execute operations and communicate (including B2B partners)

Talent Shortage

In a talent-short market, it is essential to identify and engage new talent pools locally, regionally and internationally.

Large enterprise clients with 5000 or more people

They want a scalable solution that delivers reliable business outcomes at low-risk.

Organisations with 500 to 5000 people

They want a service that makes the delivery of their people objectives more achievable, whilst providing significant commercial benefits.

Small to medium businesses with up to 500 people

They would like a professional people solutions partner where they can avoid uncertainty, personal stress and exorbitant fees charged by traditional recruitment agencies.

Our time and materials business model

When we established TQSolutions in 2008, we sought to create a unique business model that would offer clients highly flexible, easy-to-engage outsourced HR/Resourcing services delivered through a variable cost, fee-for-service commercial framework. You only pay for what you use. There’s no ballooning fees. We don‘t introduce fixed costs or ongoing operating charges.

Key features

— HR/Resourcing Services On Demand

— Fee-for-service commercial model rather than fixed costs

— Onsite or remote service delivery to clients

— Deployment of highly experienced HR / Resourcing consultants

— Flexible service delivery with clear KPIs and accountability

— Low overheads

— Greater client value

— Best-practice technology solutions

— Adoption of client branding for all resourcing activity

— All IP generated is client owned for future use

TQSolutions measures its impact in terms of:

— Employee productivity

— Talent attraction, engagement and retention

— Return on HR investment

— HR alignment with overall business strategy

— Employee engagement

Attitude to work/life

We allow people to wrap work around their life not life around work. Our work philosophy is simple – to allow ourselves and each of the TQSolutions team to wrap work commitments around life commitments, whatever these may be. Sometimes work needs to come first… and more often than not life and family need to be prioritised. Importantly, it is the employee not the company that is in control of their life/work choices and career journey.

To achieve this as a business there are certain decisions we have made and beliefs we hold true…

1. A genuine commitment to a virtual office and the adoption of (cloud) infrastructure to support a robust and congruent business ethos. It’s easier to keep this committment if we don’t lease any office space.

2. A genuine commitment to flexible working arrangements and an acceptance of people’s desire for part time, predominantly home-based and flexible working patterns.

3. An acceptance and comfort that sometimes an employee’s life commitments will be prioritised over work demands, after all work is a choice and life events are often not; as a business you need to be prepared to reallocate work and client projects, sometimes at short notice.

4. Have complete trust that your staff are capable of managing their own time, work output and client deliverables; you canno t afford to be a controlling micro-manager constantly seeking reassurance the work is being done by building a team of experienced, competent consultants.

5. You must clarify objectives and expectations (tasks, deliverable and milestones) clearly and in advance of work being performed.

6. Finally, you must hire well and engage appropriate resource with consistent values and attitudes towards work and life commitments.

Our reach

We’re an Australian based company with a global reach. Our collaborative & flexible structure provides on-site or remote hiring and people service delivery all around the world. We have partnered with organisations in Australia and across the globe so wherever you’re located, find out how we can show you better and more cost-effective ways of doing business.  Get in touch >