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Corporate Recruitment 2020 Maturity Model

It’s my last day in San Francisco tomorrow before I fly back to Australia and I thought I would share the output of a project I have been proud to be involved in – the development of a new, contemporary maturity model for the Corporate TA & Recruitment industry (see slides below)

The model was developed by TQSolutions and PwC in conjunction with Australia Post with additional input from 100+ people representing 35 companies and vendors.

Australia Post were instrumental in supporting this initiative and I particularly want to acknowledge Rebecca Houghton from Post for her input, sponsorship and support as well as the sterling work undertaken by Lynette Nixon, Rebecca Lloyd, and Robert MacIsaac from PwC.

I thought it apt to release this model today, whilst in SFO, the home of Tech Innovation and on the day when I have just met with three outstanding new breed HR & Recruitment Technology providers whose products and technology are so well aligned with our model and will enable the very experience we describe in the more mature stages.

Its encouraging to see innovation at work combined with a genuine focus on ‘Experience’ and ‘Usability’ as well as incredibly streamlined and efficient ‘Processes’ – I am super excited to see how these products and technology market places can be leveraged by TQSolutions clients in Australia.

Watch this space for a future release of a benchmarking study for the Maturity Model – I hope you enjoy reviewing it and I look forward to your feedback and thoughts……